Theater music


from the play "Taboo", by Carl Djerassi.</dt>


 Tango taboo

from the play "Taboo", by Carl Djerassi

"The Vazrazhdane Chamber Theatre", Sofia

director, Georgi Mihalkov

Erotic ethno fusion

from the play "Don Juan or the love for geometry" by Max Frisch

Solo guitar and cello - George Petrov (Joro-Metalikata) 


from the play "Taming of the shrew" by William Shakespeare

Flute melody

from the play "Taming of the shrew", by William Shakespeare

Solo flute: Tania Nikleva-Vladeva

Time drives me crazy

from the play  "Notes of a madman" 

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  • Tango taboo
  • Erotic ethno fusion
  • Taming of the shrew
  • Taming of the shrew - Flute melody
  • Time drives me crazy